Knitted Words - Sample Sale



These words are all ones that I have made just to take photos for the website – they have been made, photographed, and then stored safely in my studio, they are all in perfect condition. However, storage space around here is at a premium so I am offering up these words at a discount so they can be displayed on your walls instead of sat in a box!

There is no customisation available for these words – they come as they are and there is only one of each.

Dimensions of each word as follows (Height x Width)

Soar 14cm x 24cm

Learn 12cm x 29cm

Grow 14cm x 27cm

Read 12cm x 27cm

Wild 10cm x 24cm

Bloom 12cm x 28cm

Create 12cm x 38cm

Hope  (small) 8cm x 20cm


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Soar, Learn, Grow, Read, Wild, Bloom, Create, Hope